Early U.S. government press release on ‘voice’ of America

Cold War Radio Museum New York, New York. 1943 “United Nations” exhibition of photographs presented by the United States Office of War Information (OWI) on Rockefeller Plaza. Listening to broadcasts of President Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and Chiang Kai-shek, heard every half-hour from a loudspeaker at one end of the frame

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General Eisenhower accused WWII VOA of ‘insubordination’

Cold War Radio Museum After leaving the White House in 1961, former President Dwight D Eisenhower briefly alluded in his memoirs Waging Peace (1965) to the Voice of America’s (VOA) wartime record of propaganda collusion with Soviet Russia. As a military leader during World War II, he must have been

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John Houseman. VOA Photo.

First VOA Director was a pro-Soviet Communist sympathizer, State Dept. warned FDR White House

Cold War Radio Museum April 1943 – State Department Warns White House of Soviet Influence at Voice of America May 4, 2018 Analysis by Ted Lipien for Cold War Radio Museum The Cold War Radio Museum has presented for the first time to a wider online audience a secret 1943

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