Cold War Radio Timeline

  1. 1942 — First “Voice of America” Broadcast

    The first "Voice of America" broadcast in German on February 24, 1942 was heard in Europe the next day

  2. Executive Order 9182 Establishing the Office of War Information June 13, 1942

    FDR Creates U.S. Government Propaganda Office

  3. Early Congressional Warning of Mismanagement of U.S. Government Propaganda

    June 18, 1942 - Congressman Roy Woodruff warns of mismanagement of U.S. Government propaganda, welcomes appointment of Elmer Davis to be head of Office of War Information (OWI) only to be disappointed later by Soviet and communist influence within the Voice of America

  4. Congressional and OWI warning against communists in charge of Voice of America broadcasts

    July 25, 1942 - Congressman Karl E. Mundt cites Office of War Information (OWI) director Elmer Davis's warning about communists who may be working on Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts

  5. Office of War Information Photos of Polish Students 1942

    O.W.I. WWII Propaganda Activities

  6. State Dept. warns White House of pro-Soviet leanings of VOA Director

    John Houseman. VOA Photo.

    First VOA Director was a pro-Soviet Communist sympathizer, State Dept. warned FDR White House

  7. Senator Taft’s early warning of Soviet propaganda in WWII Voice of America

    Senator Robert A. Taft Warns of Communists in Voice of America in 1943

  8. Propaganda Coordination with USSR

    1944- U.S.-USSR Coordination of Propaganda by Voice of America

  9. Stefan Arski: Agent of Communist Collusion at VOA

    1947 Washington Embassy of Communist regime publishes a book by former Voice of America Polish Service journalist

  10. ‘Love for Stalin’ at wartime Voice of America

    1950 Julius Epstein and Congressman George A. Dondero (R-MI)

  11. How a refugee journalist exposed Voice of America censorship of the Katyn Massacre

    December 11, 1950, Congressman Philip J. Philbin (D-MA) reveals Julius Epstein's evidence of Katyn Massacre censorship by the Voice of America

  12. Voice of America 1951 – ‘Drab’ ‘Unconvincing’

    Congressman Richard B. Wigglesworth (R-MA)

  13. U.S. Congressman on Katyn Massacre Coverup at Voice of America

    Timothy P. Sheehan (R-IL)

  14. Voice of America 1959

    1959 - VOA and USIA Promotional Pamphlet Presents Countering Soviet Propaganda Mission

  15. JFK on VOA and RFE 1962

    John F. Kennedy

  16. Radio Free Europe 1966: A Girl Behind Barbed Wire Fence Ad

    American Support for Radio Free Europe

  17. 1967 Voice of America U.S. Stamp

    1967 President Lyndon B. Johnson on the Voice of America

  18. Voice of America Interview with Future Pope

    1976 - VOA Polish Service Speaks with Cardinal Karol Wojtyła

  19. Reagan on Voice of America and Radio Free Europe in a 1980 campaign speech

    1980 Candidate for U.S. Presidency Ronald Reagan on Voice of America, Radio Free Europe in ‘We Will Make America Great Again’ Speech

  20. Former VOA Russian Chief Natalia Clarkson on Revolutions

    1987 - VOA Russian Service Interviews Solzhenitsyn After Censoring Him Earlier

  21. Voice of America Reporting on March 1988 Student Demonstrations in Poland

    1988 Voice of America News Backgrounder Created by VOA’s Polish Service

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