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Voice of America 1967 First Day Cover by Art of Ages

First Day Cover by “Art of Ages” for 1967 Voice of America stamp included a partial quote from the first VOA broadcast in German aired in 1942, “WE SHALL TELL YOU THE TRUTH.” The cover illustration also includes these words: “BEAMED TO COMMUNIST COUNTRIES.”

During World War II, VOA did not always tell the whole truth, especially in reporting on the Soviet Union, then America’s military ally against Nazi Germany. Pro-Soviet VOA managers and broadcasters hid the truth about Stalin’s crimes and broadcast Soviet propaganda against democratic opponents of communism in Europe. But during the Cold War, the Voice of America staff was changed and VOA was no longer reluctant to report on human rights abuses of communist regimes. Along with Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, VOA broadcasts contributed to the fall of communism in East and Central Europe and in the Soviet Union.

Art of Ages

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